New Credo for Direct Marketers…


The tried and true conventional direct marketer’s credo, “recency, frequency and monetary value” has all but given way to the new direct and interactive marketers credo…

“recency, frequency and relevance“– not to mention permission.

Thanks to technology, we can target our markets more effectively than ever before. Plus, more robust CRM applications allow us to track where prospects are in the buying cycle. So learn how to cultivate these prospects into customers. Send relevant messages based on content and timing.

Content-relevant messages focus on the product or service in which the prospect expressed interest. Subsequent mailers and offers should be timed based on the length of the buying cycle. A longer buying cycle may require additional messages timed further apart. On the other hand, a shorter buying cycle will require more frequency, but with relevancy and not simply an “are you ready to buy yet” message.

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