Just when you thought you had web metrics all figured out…


Along comes “engagement.”

It’s true… I learned about it at a recent BtoB Magazine
netmarketing breakfast. And then a week later, it was mentioned at an InfoWorld breakfast.

Though still a little vague, here’s my take on it.

“Engagement” refers to the productivity of visitor’s time on your website plus the ability to create a two-way dialog with the visitor.

It’s not just about the number of page views and average length of stay. Engagement is about how well you design the visitor experience
guiding them through relevant, logical paths to get the information they seek. It’s also about providing ways for visitors to interact on your website.

For example… Did visitors land where you wanted them to land? Did they click where you wanted them to click? Were they able to dialog with you via blog or interactive media presentation? Were they able to obtain content in a way that suits them (i.e. download to an MP3 player/phone/pda or view from their desktops). Could visitors obtain a written transcript of the audio/video content? Could visitors readily share content with others?

Today’s websites have much more interactivity and many more options for delivering content to a wide range of visitors thanks to Web 2.0. Savvy marketers will have to integrate relevant content in ways that satisfy the specific needs of each visitor. That includes integrating new and evolving media such as podcasts, blogs, rich media and yes, even social marketing.

The result is greater brand affinity and more business.
That’s what engagement is all about!

Here’s a great example of how IBM is using and integrated marketing campaign, including rich media, to engage its visitors… http://www-306.ibm.com/software/info/takebackcontrol/us/index.jsp?S_CMP=tbc_tvbanner1%20

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