How to repurpose content effectively for new media…


Repurposing content is a great way to engage your prospects and customers using newer interactive media. But there are a number of considerations to make. Here are three biggies:

  1. Consider the medium… is it conducive to what you’re repurposing?
    In other words, don’t hire a voice talent to read a 20-page white paper and slap it up on your website as a 45 minute podcast. Consider breaking it up into a podcast series of 10-15 minute sound bytes.
  2. Think about your integrated marketing objective… where does it make sense to repurpose and for what objective? Don’t simply stream your 30-second television spot from your website. TV is passive (well… more or less when you consider TiVo). People go to websites to interact. Why not make your TV spot interactive? Give your visitors options within the spot to download content such as a white paper or sign up for a webinar.
  3. Remember to think integrated and contextual. Don’t use categories that make it easier for you to organize content on your website, but aren’t seamless for your visitors. For example, don’t create one big folder for podcasts, another for video and so on. Serve the content within the appropriate context. For example, a visitor who’s interested in network security isn’t going to search through the equivalent of an electronic pile of white papers to find the one on network security. Instead, deliver the white paper option while your visitor is browsing the network security section of your website.

Repurposing is a great way to get more mileage from your content. You may even attract additional audiences as a result of having content in other media. Some visitors prefer the download and listen method, while others like to download and read. At the risk of sounding cliche… “different strokes for different folks.” As long as they’re connecting with your brand, it’s all good!

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