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Most companies choose the obvious keywords… company name, their product names and trademarks, and perhaps product categories. While that’s not a bad idea, what about all the keywords and phrases your clients’ and prospects use? Chances are, their keywords are different than yours. They’re typing in problems that your products and services can solve.

People search for answers… solutions to problems!

So, for example, if you’re a consultant specializing in event plannning and marketing, consider phrases like get more booth traffic, design an engaging exhibition, get more leads from exhibitions, create a better brand experience, extend the brand experience after the show, etc.

See what I mean? It’s not just about the products and services you offer, it’s really about the solutions your prospects are looking for.

Here’s a good way to learn what your clients and prospects are looking for. Ask your sales team what a prospect says when s/he calls or what the prospect says during the course of a sales visit. It won’t be long before you’ll start to see similarities that will help you hone your keyword phrases and boost your search results.

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