Do marketers still use "leave-behinds?"


The classic “leave-behind” has always been a staple of every marketing & sales department. You’ve probably been the recipient of a brochure, booklet or other memento of a sales visit.
Leave-behinds still hold their place in the integrated marcom toolbox. In fact, with a little integration, you can turn the leave behind into a memorable brand experience.

Low cost high impact leave-behind
Postcards… they’re inexpensive and easy to repurpose. Plus, they don’t take up a lot of room in briefcases or at your tradeshow booth. And as an added bonus, you can easily convert them into mailers. Here’s how…

Let’s say your launching a new product at a trade show. Here’s how you can extend your brand promise and get more mileage from your creative. Give away your postcards at the booth, but also repurpose them as pre- and post-show mailers.

One of my clients recently developed a series of postcards for the sales force to use as leave-behinds. Each card described their specific technology and showcased one of their client’s achievements made possible with the technology. But here’s an important component…

The series included an overarching theme that reinforced the brand promise.

Here’s how to extend the postcard beyond your fingertips
Add a campaign specific URL to each postcard instead of a generic link to a home page. This not only allows you to track the effectiveness of each postcard, but can also be used as a lead generation mechanism like this…

Offer your latest white paper, podcast or rich media spot in the postcard. Then, create a landing page where visitors can register to obtain the offer.

Links to postcard providers
You can conduct a search and probably find thousands of potential vendors, but here are a few that my colleagues and I have successfully used:
And believe it or not, the US postal service has a postcard service too.

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