Do you use rich media banners?


Do you have a love-hate relationship with banner ads? A lot of marketers do. Banner ads finished 11th in the top 12 great performing online marketing tactics in a MarketingSherpa 2005 survey. The only thing worse than banner ads was email to rented lists. So I’m wondering if rich media will change that.

What’s the big deal about banner ads?
Rich media. And I’m not just talking animation, but full motion video that you can control. It’s like mini TiVo!

Imagine… streaming video within a typical banner ad. A colleague of mine at e-tractions used rich media to help his B2B clients push executive thought leadership interviews and similar content. (see a sample here).

And Intel used a similar approach to deliver a white paper (view sample).

Sounds like a great way to repurpose your video assets. So once the television spots air, you can keep the message alive using banner ad spots at a fraction of the cost of TV

What’s your take on rich media?.

BTW… Here’s a link to RollPoint, a company that seems to be setting the standards for rich media ads. Check out their gallery.

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