Corporate Blogs… Are you an unwitting participant?


While many CEOs, CMOs, and other executives have shied away from blogging, the fact is, they can’t completely avoid it — no company can. It’s no longer a question of should I blog or not, but what is our strategy for monitoring and responding to blogs. And also, what is the plan should a crisis arise from the blogosphere.

Here are several ways to monitor blogs…
Try blog monitor pioneer, Technorati. You can also try Google’s blog search or BlogPulse Now there’s a service that not only monitors, but also mines blogs for the volume of conversation and the tone of that conversation regarding any topic – brands, products, competitors, executives, features, etc. Check it out at their free webinar at

Other blog resources:
Debbie Weil has literally “written the book” on corporate blogging. In addition to her own blog, her book, The Corporate Blogging Book, releases Aug. 3.

You don’t have to have a blog to get blogged…
The point is, even if you don’t have a blog, you can still be adversely affected by blogs. So it’s better to have blog strategy for monitoring and dealing with blog posts than to become an unwitting victim of the blogosphere.

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