While many CEOs, CMOs, and other executives have shied away from blogging, the fact is, they can’t completely avoid it — no company can. It’s no longer a question of should I blog or not, but what is our strategy for monitoring and responding to blogs. And also, what is the plan should a crisis […]

Most management folks expect good results from their marketing programs… who wouldn’t! But when it comes to approving the budget, there’s a gap between management’s expectations of what it should cost and their expectations of results. And the expected results almost always exceed cost expectations. Bean-counter types will look at each element and want to […]

I used this as an email subject line for a client (B2B high tech). Overall, the open rate was about 20% — not bad considering I used a rented list. And CTR was just over 5%. But I did manage to piss off three recipients, one of whom took the time to respond and tell […]

Do you have a love-hate relationship with banner ads? A lot of marketers do. Banner ads finished 11th in the top 12 great performing online marketing tactics in a MarketingSherpa 2005 survey. The only thing worse than banner ads was email to rented lists. So I’m wondering if rich media will change that. What’s the […]