Is It Safe to Use the "F-word"


I’m talking about the other four letter “F-word”… free.
A list broker recently advised me that it’s ok to use the “F-word” in a recent email blast. Until now, I was using “complimentary” and “no charge” instead of the more powerful “free.” The rationale was that although deliverability is lower when using the “F-word,” it was offset by a much greater click-through rate, than “complimentary” or “no-charge.”

I have to admit, I’m a skeptic. So tell me out there in the blogosphere… is it ever safe to use the “F-word” in an email marketing campaign?

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One Response to “Is It Safe to Use the "F-word"”
  1. J Man says:

    Was just surfing thru Blogger, and saw your post.
    Use the F-word?…. huh…

    To me, when I get an email, or see something that says “Free”, I am skeptical that the offer is valuable. I agree that the use of “Complimentary” makes the offer sound more legit… that it’s a ‘real’ offer.

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